Hello World!

I'm Nikhil

A Full Stack Engineer from Bangalore, India.

I develop scalable and performant web applications using modern frameworks and as day job, also have experience in developing cross-platform mobile applications. In my spare time I solve cubes, work on side projects to free my mind and also watch F1, Motorsports if its a weekend. Firm believer of "Life never stops teaching" and "never miss an opportunity to grow oneself".

I'm a computer-science undergraduate from Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore. I've worked on payment SDK's at Juspay previously and currently at WWStay developing and managing B2B workflows for clients.

Side Projects

// Random Kannada Fact API

A simple REST API hosted on Heroku to fetch random facts exclusively about kannada and karnataka in kannada with corresponding english translation. Try API Demo

Github repo Github

// Search Pursuit

A cross-platform plugin for Atom Text Editor to search for Purescript documentation in Pursuit library with hotkey.

Github repo Github

// Karnataka Traffic Fines API

A JSON API to fetch traffic fines for any KA registered vehicle. Hosted on Heroku the api enforces No CORS Header blocking! Can be used on any client app, sites to fetch/check fines.

Github repo Github

// Expense Manager App

A simple Expense manager app with Google OAuth. Written in ionic the app uses SQlite db on Moblie

Github repo Github

// Virtual WiFi

Connectify like windows application to create/manage hotspot on laptop using Internet Connection Sharing API.

Github repo Github

// QR Hunt

Generic android app to host or play Treasure Hunt with QR codes as key treasures.

Github repo Github

Reach Me

You can mail me at nikhilnagaraju96@gmail.com. I'm also on